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Fate of the Furious Villain Myths

Fate of the Furious Villain

Yet, other than obviously Dame Helen Mirren, the most significant deal about the next series is who they have taking part in villain and it’s Furiosa herself, Charlize Theron!

While Ms. Theron has conveyed disinclination toward another deserty shoot in the Mad Max films, she has happily agreed upon to perform as Cipher, a role that will ruin the Big Apple. While we have no idea too much of Cipher’s backstory yet, composer Brian Tyler outlined to EW that, “It’s like a siren type of thing. There’s no doubt the havoc and villainy she delivers but you’re attracted to it. There’s something where you can kinda see yourself in this villain that makes it more unsettling and, simultaneously, more fascinating. It’s the solicitous villains, in a way, who really get under your skin.”

Fate of the Furious Villain
Credit: Universal

The Fast And Furious franchise is recognized for ramping up the stakes and the action with each and every passing movie. That features more celebs, more outrageous set pieces, and definitely, more cars and trucks. It also signifies new twists, and the eighth film, recently exposed to be named The Fate Of The Furious, might include the biggest twist in the franchise yet: They made the leading character the negative guy.

That’s right, Vin Diesel’s significant character, Dominic Toretto, starts the trailer by flipping on his family and team. He’s dealing with new villain, Cipher (Charlize Theron), under what might be brainwashing or some other kind of control. No matter what, it’s bad news throughout the team. In fact he kisses Cipher in front of his wife and associate in action, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). In another twist, Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) ends up in prison and ends up striking a deal to assist Furious 7 villain, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), so that they can bring Dom down. What follows is a entire bunch of havoc, including explosions, grappling hooks, driving on frozen lakes, and a submarine entering into the mix.

F. Gary Gray gets control of directing duties this time around. Many common faces are also exist, including Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emmanuel and Kurt Russell. Of course, this is the first film in the franchise filmed solely after Paul Walker’s tragic death in 2013.

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